100 Yard Rifle Match/Clinic

Half Match - Half Clinic - All Fun!

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  Junior Shooter with High Master help

The 100 Yard Match is held on the fourth Saturday of each month and is designed to make it easy for anyone to participate. I like to call it half match, half clinic, and all fun as we take the time to show you the fundamentals and basic position shooting. If High Power rifle competition is your goal, or you just want to improve your marksmanship skills there is no better place to get started. It is a great way to get the younger shooters involved in a formal program that stresses safety. All that and we make it fun too! Just be sure to laugh at all the match director's jokes!

Official Match Program - 100 Yard Match/Clinic

2020 Schedule

Whether you are new to this type of shooting or an experienced "pro", this match is an easy, no pressure event where you can learn new skills or sharpen the skills you already have.

This match is open to anyone (non-RBGC members are welcome!) and is designed with the "first timer" in mind. All you really need to participate is an appropriate rifle, at least 60 rounds of ammunition, something to eat and drink, and you're all set! If you have all the High Power gear (mat, scope, etc.) bring it along. If you don't that's okay too, there will be some you can use. We make it easy and fun to participate!

Firing an M1  
  Prone instruction

Need to improve your skills and learn position shooting? As you shoot the match we give instruction on marksmanship fundamentals and basic position shooting. You get great instruction and then apply what you've learned when shooting the next stage.

Remember, it's not about winning, it's about having fun and improving your marksmanship skills. Whether you intend to become a high power rifle competitor or just want to shoot your rifle better, this event is for you!

The reduced course allows you to learn the fundamentals and work on technique. When you are ready you'll have the skills to take the next step, shooting out to 600 yards in River Bend's High Power Rifle program.


And we have fun too!

Match entries: Match fee is $15 for non-members, $10 for RBGC Members and $5 for juniors (20 and under), registration begins about 8am on the range the day of the match. We start shooting at 9am and are typically done at 2:30pm. There is no pre-registration for this event . . . just show-up and shoot!.

Funny Hat  

FAL rifle

An appropriate rifle ...

Basically, any bolt action or semi-automatic rifle that has iron sights and can be reloaded either via stripper clips or detachable magazine can be used in this event. This includes .22 rimfire rifles such as the Ruger 10-22 or Remington 741x.

Rifle Scopes or other electronic sights are not allowed.

You are not limited to just those types of rifles allowed in normal High Power rifle competition, such as the AR-15, M1A(M14), M1 Garand, or Match Rifle. Many participants shoot surplus military bolt rifles such as the Mauser, British Lee-Enfields, or Mosin-Nagant. We also have a number of other semi-automatics such as the M1 Carbine, FAL series, or Mini-14s.

Again, as long as it can be reloaded via stripper clip or detachable magazine, has iron sights, and is safe to shoot you can participate with that rifle in this event. Safety is paramount though and the match director reserves the right to disallow rifles based on safety concerns. If you have a concern about a particular rifle, contact the Match Director. Sorry guys, no .50BMGs allowed.


Course of fire for this match:

Stage 1 Ten Minute sighting in period
Stage 2 10 shots standing, slow fire
Stage 3 10 shots sitting, rapid fire
Stage 4 10 shots prone, rapid fire
Stage 5 20 shots prone, slow fire

This is called the 50 shot National Match Course. If you are looking to meet the firing requirements for the Civilian Marksmanship Program, participation in this event will meet those requirements.


Score 180-2x  

Target time

Half Match

It is a match, we do keep score, and we have cash prizes at the end of the match. One of the first things you'll learn is no one really cares about your score (other than you!). It's about having fun and improving your marksmanship skills. The prizes are part of the fun in that you never know who will win money (Match Director's famous "Inter-class split" strikes again!).



Half Clinic

You will receive great instruction on marksmanship fundamentals (there are only two - sight alignment and trigger control), as well as how to build a shooting position, use a rifle sling to aid accuracy, practice techniques, natural point of aim, and some of the mental aspects of shooting well. A number of regular high power competitors participate in this event and are willing to help you get started. It's not uncommon to have a half dozen Master classification shooters and several High Masters participate. That's pretty high powered help!

Standing instruction  
  Smiling Lady Shooter

and All FUN!

All you need is a rifle, at least 60 rounds of ammo, a good attitude, and be ready to have some fun.

Come shoot with us!


2019 Match Dates

January 25

February 22

March 28

April 25

May 23

June 27

July 25

August 22

September 26

October 24

November 28

December 19



And no, you still cannot use a rifle scope or optical sight in this event. It is IRON SIGHT ONLY.

The Match Director for this event is Ben Franklin (the good looking one in the photo, okay, the one talking). Ben is a High Power rifle competitor and holds a Master classification in High Power Rifle for both the National Match Course and Long Range course of fire. Ben is a NRA Rifle Instructor, G-S-M Master Instructor and Certified Rifle Coach. He has also earned his Distinguished Rifleman Badge.

Ben runs the following matches/events at River Bend:
  • The monthly 100 Yard Match/Clinic
  • The two-day Rifleman's Weekend in early May which includes:
    • John C. Garand Match
    • Georgia Modified Garand Match
    • Springfield/Military Vintage Bolt Rifle Match
    • Vintage Military Sniper Rifle Match
    • Vintage Rifle Fun Match
  • The Fall Vintage Rifle Match
There are only three things you need to remember when participating in one of Ben's matches:
  • Be safe, no one cares how well you shoot but no one will shoot with you if you act in an unsafe manner!
  • No matter what he asks, always respond "yes Ben!" loudly and in unison. Normally when this occurs he stops talking and lets you shoot.
  • Laugh at all his jokes. After your first match this gets easier since he uses the same jokes each month.
Ben Franklin