200 Yard Rimfire Rifle Match
Match Scores

Yes, 200 yards with a rimfire! Most would be surprised how accurate the diminutive .22 rimfire can be even at 200 yards. A good rifle with quality ammo will perform very well at this range if the shooter can keep up with changing conditions. Those who prefer a bit more zip in their cartridge and better performance in the wind may choose the newer .17 caliber rimfire. Regardless of whether you shoot a light commercial rifle or a heavy match gun, youll find the 200 Yard Rimfire match both fun and challenging.

In decades past, 200 Yard Rimfire matches were much more common. Lack of appropriate ranges or perhaps greater choices in calibers led shooters to other venues. Now many are rediscovering this event and participants represent a broad spectrum of rifle shooting disciplines. It's not unusual to find Smallbore Rifle, High Power Rifle and Black Powder Cartridge Rifle (Buffalo Rifle) competitors participating not only because it is fun, but because it provides an excellent opportunity to hone their prone position and wind reading skills.


Rifles used vary from tried and true Winchester Model 52s, Heavy Match rifles like the Remington 40x, top-of-the-line Anschutz to current commercial rifles made by CZ and Ruger. More and more rifles are now available in the newer .17 caliber rimfire round allowing even greater choices for those wishing to participate. Scoped rifles complement the variety of “match” iron sights used in this event. You can shoot an AR-15 if you have a .22 rimfire upper!


This match is fired from the 200 yard line on River Bend’s 600 yard rifle range. River Bend is the perfect venue for this event as there are target pits where one group of participants takes turns pulling and marking targets while another group shoots. Having someone pull and mark your target indicating the shot position and score of each shot allows the shooter to easily view where the bullet went and track their progress.

Sign-in begins at 7:30 am and closes at 8:40 am, first shot downrange at 9 am. Meet in the 300 yard line parking lot on RBGCs 600 Yard Range.

Each participant will be required to perform pit duty (pull, mark and paste targets) and score for other shooters. Eye protection is required in the pits.

  All rifles must be capable of being single loaded.

Rifle categories:
  • Fun Class (No shooting benches will be available)
  • Heavy Rifle (Iron Sights)
  • Heavy Rifle (Scoped)
  • Light Rifle (Iron Sights)
  • Light Rifle (Scoped)
  • .17 Rimfire
  Course of fire:
Stage 1: Thirty minute block time, unlimited sighters and twenty record shots.
Stage 2: Twenty-five minute block time, unlimited sighters, twenty shots for record.
Stage 3: Twenty-five minute block time, unlimited sighters, twenty shots for record.

Lewis class will be used for all awards there are no shooter classifications for this event. At least five competitors are required to make a category. If less than five competitors they will be grouped with the next higher category.
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