RBGC 3-Gun    
RBGC 3Gun  

3-Gun is an incredibly fun and challenging format that includes rifle, shotgun, and pistol. In order to participate in our 3-Gun matches, you will need to have the equipment listed in Necessary Gear and Divisions.

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Match Director - Steve Petrakovich
Sign in - 8:00am-9:00am
Safety briefing - 9:01am
1st shot - 9:30am
Match entry fee: $20.00
Members and Non-Members

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3-Gun competition is a sport in which competitors are required to combine accuracy, speed, and power to successfully complete many different types of shooting scenarios. Competitors will use three different types of firearms (rifle, shotgun, and pistol). The choice of firearm used will depend on what division one chooses to compete. More information on divisions is in the section Necessary Gear and Divisions.

RBGC 3GunUnlike bull’s eye, skeet, or hunter's pistol, 3-Gun matches are different every time. This requires shooters to be diverse in their training and skills. On any given stage, a shooter may be required to engage targets at distances varying from 2-100 yards or further. Targets can vary from paper, steel, and clay. Some shotgun targets are engaged with birdshot and others with slugs or buckshot. Often times "no-shoot" or "hostage" targets, which incur a penalty when hit, are placed near normal "shoot" targets. Realistic props are used to simulate different scenarios that the shooter must complete. These factors combine to make 3-Gun extremely exciting and challenging.

3-Gun is what you want to make of it. Some competitors emphasize the Action aspect, using their familiar firearms to develop self-defense skills and test equipment in realistic situations. Other competitors emphasize the Game element of the competition, using equipment they acknowledge lacks practical use but which improves their ability to generate high scores and low times at competitive events. Each competitor must decide how he or she wants to approach the match.

  RBGC 3-Gun

All firearms used in RBGC 3-Gun matches must be safe and serviceable. Firearms are subject to inspection by the Range Officers at any time and may be withdrawn from the match if deemed unsafe. The basic criteria for a 3-Gun competition firearm is that it is safe, accurate, and reliable.

Our matches are highly social and new shooter friendly. At any match, we will have a range of shooting skill from advanced to beginner. Much like golf or bowling, 3-Gun is a sport for the satisfaction it brings to the successful competitor.

RBGC’s 3-Gun safety record remains spotless during more than a decade of competition. Follow the rules and we assure you that it will remain this way. No rule violations or unsafe acts will be tolerated. Safety is paramount to everything else in 3 Gun. Thank you to our loyal shooters over the years for coming out and supporting RBGC 3-Gun! See you on the range…….

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