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Action Pistol Matches at River Bend Gun Club are considered by many to be “Old School Run and Gun” style which employ many parts of various handgun shooting disciplines with elements of Practical Pistol, IPSC, USPSA and, IDPA. Action Pistol is its own entity in the sport of pistol shooting and River Bend Gun Club Action Pistol is a competition that is not formally sanctioned by national shooting sports organizations. However, Action Pistol utilizes many of the safety protocols, Course of Fire (COF) designs, techniques and target types as other shooting disciplines.

Match Schedule
Set-up: 7:30 AM-8:30 AM
: 8:00 AM-9:00 AM
Safety Brief: 9:00 AM-9:30 AM
Begin Shooting: 9:30 AM
Lunch: When The Match Concludes, Usually Just After 1:00 PM

AP matches are held on the Third Saturday of each month, however, match scheduling is subject to change so please reference the calendar on the RBGC website for specific match dates and check the River Bend Action Pistol forum  for the latest updates on upcoming matches, important notices and generally interesting Action Pistol commentary.

Notice to all Competitors!
Use of +P, magnum velocity and hollow-point ammunition is not allowed during Action Pistol events. All ammunition used must be standard velocity with lead, jacketed, or plated bullets only.


Match Fees:
RBGC members and non-members are welcome to compete in Action Pistol matches. The fee is $20 per shooter or $30 for couples, for the match.

Required Gear:
Shooters will need a sturdy belt, attached holster with a muzzle down orientation (shoulder holsters are not allowed) ,ball/FMJ/lead ammunition, magazine pouches and extra magazines or speed loaders if you are shooting a revolver. Shooters should have enough magazines or speed loaders to carry at least 30 rounds of ammunition. Each course of Fire (COF) require 30 rounds minimum. Plan on bringing at least 150 rounds of FMJ or ball ammunition – No Hollow Point or +P allowed. First time shooters can use pockets for holding spare magazines, but will learn better ways to carry after the first match.

Shooting Divisions are listed here!


Who can participate?
Anyone who can safely handle their handgun is welcome to participate. One of the primary goals of RBGC Action Pistol matches is to introduce new shooters to pistol competition and to provide safe competition to build and maintain shooting proficiency. Most shooters who compete in Action Pistol do so for the fun of it, to build and maintain shooting skills, to win an occasional trophy plaque and for the satisfaction of competing. Occasionally, professionals who work in Law Enforcement, Security, Military and even World Class IPSC and IDPA competitors will compete in Action Pistol matches. Many shooters like Action Pistol because of the friendly atmosphere and camaraderie exhibited by our guests and members.

For safety reasons, our Courses Of Fire usually start from a "low ready" position, unless the gun is staged as part of the COF.

Scoring is done depending on target types with paper and reactive, metal targets used as specified in each COF. Time is normally a factor. The shooter starts each COF upon hearing the audible beep of a timer held by the Range Safety Officer (RO) running the COF. Total Factor, which is the score divided by the elapsed time decides the shooter’s placement for each stage. Factors for each COF are totaled for an ‘Overall Factor’ that determines each shooter’s placement for the match.


Winners receive a trophy plaque for the top placements in their divisions. Trophy plaques are usually awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place shooters that are in a division with at least 10 shooters.

Come Shoot!
If you have not participated but would like too, come to a match and observe what we do. Ask questions and you’ll be surprised at what you can learn. The next month you’ll be there with your equipment ready to participate in a fun day at the range. Bring your shooting gear and pistol, at least 150 rounds of ammo and eye and ear protection and plan to spend about a half day.


Match Results:
Action Pistol matches are scored as they are being completed. Individual scores are input after the match and match results are posted on the RBGC website and the RBGC Action Pistol Forum. Our goal is to make AP match results available within 48 hours of the match date. However, conflicting schedules and priorities may occasionally delay making match results available within this time frame. New shooters are requested to include their email address on the sign in sheet so they can be contacted, if needed, after the match.

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