Hunting Rifle Fun Shoot


The monthly Hunting Rifle Shoot is a fun and educational event designed to develop the skills and knowledge required to shoot safely & accurately at distances up to 600 yards.

If you have never shot beyond 200 yards, this shoot is for you!! Your centerfire rifle has the ability to shoot the distance; it’s time for you to develop your skills to match your rifle!

Whether determining hold over points and learning to dial the correct elevation for a given distance, or simply developing the skills and knowledge required to shoot accurately at distance, this event will help you become more proficient with your favorite centerfire rifle in a fun and educational atmosphere. The Range Officers are prepared to assist you at all ranges, and explain come-ups, scope adjustment, zeroing, and address questions you may have. How often do you have the opportunity to practice and shoot at distances to 600 yards?

This event is held on either the RBGC High Power (HP) or Silhouette (SL) ranges on a monthly basis. The HP range offers opportunities to shoot paper targets (provided) at distances of 200, 300, and 600 yards. When shooting the SL range, steel plate and / or animal silhouette targets are provided so that shooters have the opportunity to “bang steel” at distances from 200 meters (219 yards) to 500 meters (547 yards).

Safety is our primary and foremost concern. Our goal is to provide a safe, enjoyable, and educational shooting event focused on the development of skills and knowledge required to shoot accurately at distance. Our Range Officers are NRA Certified Range Safety Officers and/or Military Qualified and will oversee the event from start to finish. At the beginning of each event, Range Officers will conduct a Safety Briefing to discuss safety rules and procedures. Anyone not following the safety rules and procedures will be disqualified from further participation.

The event is held on the third Saturday of each month and is open to members and non-members alike. Event registration begins at 8:00 am and closes promptly at 8:30am. A Safety Briefing will begin at 8:30 am for each event. Attendance to the Safety Briefing is mandatory for all shooters. Once the Safety Briefing begins, no additional shooters can be admitted so please be on time. Depending on the range and course of fire the event will run to between 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm. The RBGC Range Calendar which designates the date and specific range scheduled for each month’s event is available at: RBGC Range Calendar.

When held on the High Power (HP) range, we meet at the 300 yard parking lot (see range map) for registration/sign-in and safety briefing. When held on the Silhouette (SL) range, we meet at the SL range firing line. Directions to River Bend Gun Club and a Range Map are available at: RBGC Club Information.

The event is open to members and non- members alike, ages 15 or above. Shooters under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. The current fee structure is $15 for non-members and $10 for members.

At the discretion of the RO, events may be canceled due to rain or inclement weather.  The SL range offers a covered firing line, however all shooting on the HP range is done from open/uncovered firing lines.

What to bring:
Any centerfire hunting or target rifle, caliber .222 or larger, equipped with target or telescopic sights, 30-80 rounds of ammo. Please note the following range restrictions:

  1. Supergun cartridges such as .338LM, .416, .50, etc. are restricted to members only, with prior qualification by RBGC “SuperGun RO”. SuperGun cartridges are not permitted on the SL range.
  2. When shooting the SL range, range restrictions prohibit the use of some high velocity and magnum cartridges. Please refer to the range restrictions listed below for additional detail.
Shooters are expected to bring rifle / ammunition sighted at minimum range of 100 yards (a 200 yard sight in is preferred but not required). Bringing a working rifle / scope properly zeroed at 100 or 200 yards will expedite the process and insure that we do not have to identify inoperative equipment, resulting in rejection of the firearm.

For those that have not shot at distance before, spending a few minutes beforehand to review your scope or sight instructions for elevation and windage adjustments is recommended. Range Officers will be available to offer assistance regarding sight adjustments and ballistic data during the event should you desire it.

  • Hearing protection, required on the firing line and in the target pits.
  • Eye protection is recommended on the firing line and required in the target pits.
  • A cap with brim is required when working the target pits on the High Power range.
  • Rifle, Ammunition, and Gun Case (All rifles must be in a case, bag, or protective enclosure when transported to/from the firing line).
  • Empty Chamber Indicator (we try to maintain a supply of these for each event).
  • Bipod, shooting sticks, or other front rest such as a front bag or backpack. All shooting is done from prone or sitting position and a stable front rest or bipod is required.
  • Shooting Mats are recommended (a blanket or tarp can be substituted).
  • Snacks and Hydration.


Range restrictions:
High Power (HP) Range: This range is for centerfire target and hunting rifles, caliber .222 or larger, equipped with target or telescopic sights. Only rifles chambered for cartridges that are capable of shooting 600 yards accurately are allowed to be fired on the 600 yard firing line. While they may be used from the 200 and 300 yard firing lines, no SBR having a barrel length less than 16” may be used at the 600 yard firing line.

Silhouette (SL) Range: This range has the following restrictions:

  • Lead bullets smaller than .358 caliber moving at 2400 FPS or less.
  • Lead bullets between.358 and .458 caliber moving at 2000 FPS or less.
  • Lead bullets larger than .458 caliber moving at 1800 FPS or less.
  • Jacketed bullets up to .308 moving at 3000 FPS or less.
  • Jacketed bullets larger than .308 and smaller than .458 moving at 2800 FPS or less.
  • No jacketed bullets larger than .458 are permitted on this range.
A complete and up to date version of the RBGC Range Rules is available at:  RBGC Club Information.

Shooting positions and course of fire:
Shooting positions are similar to those encountered while hunting and may include seated using shooting sticks, or prone using sand bags, backpacks or bipods. The course of fire may vary monthly to keep the event fun and challenging. The course of fire will always begin with “sighting shots” to insure your rifle is hitting on target and not shooting over the berms. It is essential that each rifle is properly sighted at a minimum distance of 100 to 200 yards prior to the event. Shooter feedback and suggestions on the course of fire are always encouraged and we appreciate any feedback offered.

During select events on the HP range, we offer life size animal targets to make the event more realistic of a hunting experience. At times we alter the course of fire to include “2 in 10’s” where the shooter is challenged to place two accurate shots on target within 10 seconds. We may repeat this for two or three times at the 200 and 300 yard distances. After each two shots, the targets will be pulled and marked to show where you hit. All firing from the 600 yard line (or at the 500 meter distance on the SL range) will be single-shot slow fire from the prone position for safety reasons.


For any questions or additional information, please contact the Hunting Rifle Range officer

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