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  Smallbore prone matches are fired on RBGC’s Multi-Purpose II range. Start times are usually 9:00 am with check-in at 8:00 am. The match series is designed for both the serious competitor and the novice. You can expect to shoot with an individual trying out this format for the first time as well as someone with 50 years of competitive experience and a national record; the casual competitor who shoots several disciplines and the person that never misses a match and is striving to win the Smallbore Championship Series. Matches are held in a friendly and supportive setting with assistance and instruction available as needed. There is always ample time to meet and socialize with others throughout the day. Competitions are scheduled March through November. See the Match Program link for dates and more details.  

Course of Fire:  Conventional and Metric 1600 prone matches are held throughout the season. A Conventional 1600 consists of 160 shots fired over four individual matches of 40 shots each for a total of 160 shots in the following format. The course of fire will be slightly different for a Metric 1600.

  Dewar Match: 20 shots at 50 yards and 20 shots at 100 yards.
  100 Yard Match: 40 shots at 100 yards.
  50 Meter Match: 40 shots at 50 meters.
  50 Yard Match: 40 shots at 50 yards.
  50 Yard Match: 40 shots at 50 yards.
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  The following targets are used in Conventional matches.  
    50 Yd's NRA A-23/5 Unlimited sighters in upper bull. 5 rounds for record in each of the four lower bulls. 20 minute time limit.  
    100 Yd's NRA A-25/3 Unlimited sighters in upper bull. 10 rounds for record in each of the two lower bulls. 20 minute time limit.  
    50 Meter NRA A-26/5 Unlimited sighters in upper bull. 5 rounds for record in each of the four lower bulls. 20 minute time limit.  
  The following targets are used in Metric only matches.  
    A-50 50 meters.  
    A-33 100 yard reduced.  
Each individual match consists of 40 record shots. Competitors will hang clean targets/backers and fire 20 shots for record in 20 minutes. Targets are changed and the completed target/backer is brought to the scoring area. When called to the line, the second target is completed to end that match. There will be break periods between each match.
Participants should bring 12 spring clips to attach targets and backers to the frames.
  Rifles Allowed: .22 rimfire only. Fired from prone position; loaded and fired one round at a time.

Ammunition: Rimfire cartridges only - .22 Long Rifle, .22 Long, or .22 Short. Standard velocity is generally more accurate than high speed. As you become more competitive, match quality ammunition best suited to your rifle will give the best results. In a 1600 match, 160 rounds are required for record plus any sighters used for each target.

Sights: Either scopes or metallic sights are allowed in monthly matches unless otherwise specified. 10 to 25 power is recommended for scopes. Rear metallic sights should be adjustable for windage and elevation and front sights can be either aperture or post. There is approximately 6 minutes of elevation change going from 50 to 100 yards so this should be taken into consideration.

Click here for Scoring Procedures.
  Equipment Recommendations:
  • Spotting scope to determine shot placement and assist with wind reading.
  • Shooting mat
  • Hat/Cap with visor
  • Timer
  • Pen/Marker
  • Shooting jacket with adjustable sling to support the rifle
  • Glove or Mitt
  • Eye/Ear Protection
  • Empty Chamber Indicator
  • Food/Drink for the day (Soft drink machine located nearby)
As you develop a deeper interest in the sport, there is more equipment that will assist with your position, accuracy, and competitive ability. Shooters are always generous with their time, experience, and gear to aim you in the right direction.
  River Bend Gun Club Members are eligible to compete for the title of RBGC Smallbore Rifle Prone Grand Champion!  
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