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Steel Challenge is a shooting sport highlighting Accuracy and Speed. It is considered the drag racing of the shooting sports. Each stage consists of five steel plates of varying sizes. One of those plates is considered the stop plate and when hit indicates the end of the run. Each stage is shot typically five times with the slowest score being dropped from your total time (yes you get one mulligan per stage use it wisely). Scoring is based on accumulated time over the stages. Steel Challenge consists of eight sanctioned stages (we will typically run six of the eight stages each month) and we may throw in an outlaw stage from time to time just for fun. Click to access stages.

River Bend Steel Challenge is a sanctioned club of the Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA). All matches held by River Bend will follow the SCSA rules unless specifically noted. If you have a USPSA membership you are also automatically a member of SCSA. If you are not a member of USPSA there are links available on the USPSA and SCSA website to join. An SCSA membership is not required to shoot with us, but it is required to get a classification and to shoot state, area and national matches. The Classification system ranks you vs. all other competitors and allows you to compete against like skilled shooters.


SCSA matches use the RBGC Cowboy shooting complex. Take the first right up the paved road after entering through the RBGC gate. The parking lot, clubhouse with bathroom facilities, and shooting bays are at the top of the hill.

River Bend Gun Club has a Cold Range policy. The club requires that all firearms be unloaded and hammer down on an empty chamber when not actively in a shooting bay. River Bend also has a strict policy requiring eye protection at all times on the property. Before leaving your car please put on your shooting glasses and leave them on the entire time you are at the range. This applies to competitors and guests


Match Schedule

8:00 Registration Opens

Online registration is available at PractiScore typically two weeks in advance of the match. Please register online to secure a slot and preferred squad (squad assignments are subject to adjustment day of to balance squads). Search for rbgc on PractiScore or like our Facebook page for regular updates.

8:30 New SCSA Shooters Safety Briefing

All shooters that have never participated in a SCSA match are required to attend a safety briefing conducted by one of the Range Officers before being allowed to shoot the match.

8:50 Shooters Meeting

The match director will give any final instructions related to the match.

9:00 Match Begins

2:00 (approximately) Match Ends

Staying afterwards to help break down the stages and putting away stage props and equipment is very much appreciated and part of this volunteer supported sport.


Match Results

A competitor’s scores are recorded using PractiScore system. This allows final match results to be available shortly after match completion. To view match scores, visit PractiScore and under the Match Results tab enter “RBGC” in the search box. Select the SCSA match with the desired date. All match scores are published on the SteelChallenge website using our club code SCSA339.


  • Standard Match Fee $20
  • River Bend Member $15
  • Active Military or Public Servant $15
  • Juniors (first gun) $0
  • Family First Shooter $20
  • all others $15 Additional Gun $5
  • Eye/Ear protection required
  • Gun and holster (depending on the division). See Steel Challenge rule book for division specific details.
    • Centerfire
      • PCC (iron and optic sights)
      • Limited
      • Open
      • Production
      • Carry Optics
      • Single stack
      • Revolver (iron and optic sights)
    • Rimfire
      • Pistol (iron and optic sights) no holster required starts from low ready.
      • Rifle (iron and optic sights)
  • 3 - 6 magazines or speed loaders (preferably minimum of five to speed up match flow). High cap guns may require less magazines.
  • 250 – 300 rounds of ammunition per gun
  • When registering for the match each shooter may register to shoot in two different divisions.
  • Food and drink (there are no vending machines or concessions at this complex)

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