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  USPSA is a shooting sport combining Accuracy, Power, and Speed. Shooting for points is weighed against shooting quickly, while giving a scoring advantage to those shooting heavier recoiling handguns. Targets consist of standardized cardboard silhouettes and various metal reactive targets that fall when hit.  
  USPSA Stage 1

A match is divided into smaller stages that range from a few rounds to over thirty rounds for a longer field course. USPSA shooting is unique in its promotion of freestyle solving of a shooting problem. When presented with a stage layout, shooters are told the basic guidelines and are left to solve the shooting problem themselves; coming up with the best solution to shoot the stage quickly and efficiently in your head balances the mental with the physical ability. You have to think and be creative to excel, and that is really the spark that ignites this sport.

River Bend USPSA is a sanctioned member club of the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) which is the national governing body for the United States division of the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC). USPSA has produced their own set of rules independent of, yet fully supported by the IPSC. All matches held by River Bend USPSA will follow these rules unless specifically noted. The USPSA website has links to application forms for joining the USPSA organization and although it's not required to shoot with us, it is highly recommended as the benefits to the sport and to you as a shooter are well worth the modest yearly fee.


Locationcowboy buildg

USPSA matches use the RBGC Cowboy shooting complex. Take the first right up the paved road after entering through the RBGC gate. The parking lot, clubhouse with bathroom facilities and shooting bays are at the top of the hill.

River Bend Gun Club has a Cold Range policy. The club requires that all firearms be unloaded and hammer down on an empty chamber when not actively in a shooting bay. River Bend also has a strict policy requiring eye protection at all times on the property. Before leaving your car please put on your shooting glasses and leave them on the entire time you are at the range. This applies to competitors and spectators.



Matches are held on the fourth (4th) Saturday of each month.

Stage2   8:00 – 9:00 Final Stage Preparation
    The match stages are set up the week before and finishing touches are made the morning of the match. Volunteers are always welcome and make this task easier.
  9:00 - 9:50 Registration
    In person registration the morning of the match under the pavilion. Competitors may pre-register and squad online using the name “river bend” in the search box.
  9:15 New USPSA Shooters Safety Briefing
    All shooters that have never participated in a USPSA match are required to attend a 20 minute safety briefing conducted by one of the senior Range Officers before you will be allowed to shoot the match.
  9:50 Shooters Meeting
    The match director will give any final instructions related to the days match.
  10:00 Match Begins
  2:30 – 3:00 Match Ends
    Staying afterwards to help break down the stages and putting away stage props and equipment is very much appreciated and part of this volunteer supported sport!


Standard Match Fee  $20
River Bend Member  $15
Active Military or Public Servant  $15
Family  First Shooter $20, all others $15
Set Up Crew (during the week)  Free

Match Results

A competitors stage scores are typically recorded using Nooks and the PractiScore system. This allows final match results to be available shortly after match completion. To view match scores, visit www.PractiScore.com and under the Match Results tab enter “RBGC” in the search box. Select the match with the desired date.

All match scores are published on the USPSA.org website using our club code GA23. These scores are usually available a few days after the match.



  • Eye/Ear protection
  • A handgun held in a holster that resides on the belt and securely covers the entire trigger guard
  • 3 - 6 magazines or speed loaders with belt mounted magazine pouches
  • 250 – 300 rounds of ammunition
  • Food and drink (there are no vending machines or concessions at this complex)

USPSA Divisions and Gear Requirements

USPSA Scoring and Penalties

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