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Welcome to the River Bend chapter of the
International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts.

ICORE serves to promote enjoyment and satisfaction in action shooting competition with revolvers.


Our sport combines elements of the Bianchi Cup, IPSC/USPSA, Pro-Am, Bowling Pin, Steel Challenge and Bullseye into a demanding competition exclusively for revolvers.  Our standard paper target is the NRA Tombstone target(D1) and scoring is based on time with extra seconds added or subtracted depending on the accuracy of the hits. Falling and stationary steel plates as well as other reactive targets are also used in ICORE events.  For detail information about the sport visit  http://icore.org/

Briefly, there are 4 divisions:

Classic  6 shot revolvers with iron-sights & speed loaders
Limited 6  6 shot revolvers, iron sights, & moonclips
Limited 8 shot revolvers, iron sights, & moon clips
Open 8 shot revolvers, optics, & moon clips

Caliber wise, anything from .32 up with .38spl, 9mm and .45ACP being the most common.  No magnum, or +P+ calibers for safety reasons.  .22lr may shoot but will be in their own division.  We're about safety and having fun while improving our shooting skills. 


When are matches held?

Dates:   2nd Saturday of the month, April-October
Times: 8am-9am Registration
  9am Safety/Match Briefing
  9:15 first shots


Entry Fee is only $15.

You do not have to be member of ICORE to participate.



Typically, with small squads, we can get in 5-6 stages by lunchtime.  Maximum required rounds per stage is 32. 

Our local matches will shoot less than 150 rounds per match as several stages will be short/skill stages.

We have an active Facebook page under https://www.facebook.com/GeorgiaICORE/ and use PractiScore for registration and for posting scores.  On-site registration is, of course, welcome.  So grab your gun, holster, ammo, speedloaders & holders, and eye & ear protection and join us for a great time. 

For more information or questions ICORE@RBGC.ORG



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