Member Information

  RBGC members must display their Membership Badge at all times while on club property. Non-members must be escorted by a current club member (limit three guests per visit) while on club property except when the guest is participating in one of RBGC's public events and competitions.  
  All RBGC members must also be members in good standing with the National Rifle Association (NRA). For more information on joining the NRA, please click here.  
  Membership in RBGC is $306 per year. For new members, the first years dues are prorated. There is also a one time $900 initiation fee. Prospective members must submit an application signed by two club members. By applying for membership, one agrees to abide by all club range and safety rules. A new member range orientation tour is required, family members should attend if they will use the range.  

Membership applications are available at the Shotgun Hill Clubhouse. A membership application may also be requested by contacting the Assistant Club Manager:

Please include your home address in your email.

All prospective members must be voted into the club at a regular meeting of the Board of Directors.

Inquiries regarding Life Membership should be sent to the Assistant Club Manager:

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